In this episode we meet LGBTQ+ college students who have taken on leadership roles as 3 of the founding members of HoCo for Justice, a group of Howard County youth that joined together to mobilize and protest the wrongful deaths and mistreatment of Black men, women, and children in our country and to bring education and awareness to those who are ready to listen and take action. Their involvement in this first protest is just the beginning of what we will be seeing from this youth led organization in the future. Listen in and get inspired. 

Carly LeDroux of Carly Fuller Photography shares how her photography career started by listening to others, trusting her instincts, and then grew into a collaborative and lucrative business. Carly and I share wedding stories of our own and may or may not share a few tears. Carly also shares some tips for promising photographers as well as for those interested in tying the knot. 

What do an elementary school principal, parent, and small business owner all have in common? In this episode I have a conversation with Jennifer Sulin-Stair (LGBTQ+ parent and small business owner), Dr. Lynch (principal at Hillcrest Elementary School), and Dr. Sway (owner of Better World Imaginarium ( about some recurring behavior in front of Hillcrest elementary school that goes against the accepting and loving nature of this small, but tight-knit, Catonsville Community. Leading with love, Sulin-Stair organized her own counter "Love is Love" visibility event to stand up to one group's scornful objection toward LGBTQ+ families.

Congratulations to Zachary Koung, soon to be senior at Howard High School and newly elected Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB). Zach talks about how he got involved in politics, his big hopes for both his near and distant future, and the importance of being knowledgeable about political candidates and getting out to vote. He talks about his platform and the importance of financial literacy and mental health in school systems, and some ideas he has to initiate change. 

In Episode 15, Jumel shares his role and work as Vice President of PFLAG, Howard County and founder of Howard County Pride. We discuss what lead him to this leadership role, how he continues to be a voice for the community, and how he is working to create positive change. TRIGGER WARNING: for those who are sensitive to topics of suicide, this is briefly discussed from 26:45 - 28:30.

In this episode, Shawn Theron (AKA SOGH) talks about how he got his start as an artist as well as his creative idea of creating a mobile art gallery. He talks Pride, inspiration, and advice for young artists. 

Kirsten Coombs, a member of the HCPSS Board of Education, shares some of the job duties involved in being a member of the Board of Education and how students can raise their voices when they have concerns. She talks about her experiences with coming out while holding public office and also shares her hopes for the future of LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the Howard County Public School System. 

In episode 12 I speak with Zack about his debut novel, Deposing Nathan, which features two bisexual characters and was just released last year. Zack and I talk about how he got his start as a chemical engineer and a young adult author (two very different career paths). We touch on high school, favorite movies, and what teen writers should keep in mind as they navigate the world of book publishing. Zack shares how he copes with ADHD and gives us just a very small peek at his second book which is currently in the works.

In this episode, we talk to Justin Tindall, Education and Global Programming Director at It Gets Better Project. Justin shares how It Gets Better made an impact on him and gave him the courage to be himself. We discuss religion and education, and Justin shares ways educators can be more inclusive in the classroom. You might want to grab a tissue for this episode. 

Maya and I talk about the high school experience, sex education, relationship advice, and a bit about their work at HopeWorks Howard County including their new Prism Project. For more information, please visit If you have experienced sexual, dating, or domestic violence and need help, please call the 24-hour help line at 410-997-2272.

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